Sunday, 17 August 2014

Warhammer 40k

Dark Eldar

Been doing some testing on a Dark Eldar Archon trying out different colour schemes and testing to find something i like and will transfer to the whole army. 

Hope you all like? comments/advice are always welcome.

The first test I like the armour colour but the cloth is another story doesn't match well IMO.

So i decided to change the cloths and was looking for inspiration.

I finally decided on doing a galaxy view.

I think this turned out quite well, I'm now going to focus on fur I have an idea in my head lets see how it works out.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Warhammer 40k


Very early WIP Morkanaut trying out Blood Axe Theme.

Been try to decide if I should go for more of a desert camo or not.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Warhammer 40k


WIP Ok Warboss & Squig from Stormclaw box-set. Time to start highlights and details


Monday, 28 July 2014

Warhammer 40k


Ill add some of my WIP tomorrow ive got the Stormclaw box-set Orks (i did a split with someone who wanted the wolfs) im in the middle of painting.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Warhammer 40k


I've tried to improve my picture quality for my next post, I hope you like.

Gorkanaut almost finished now, just a few details left.

I just love Forgeworld models

Now my Deff Dreads

Dakka Jet this is one of my favourite models.

Some Orky vehicles

Hope you enjoy and please leave feedback.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Warhammer 40k


New Mek painted to table top standard just basing to go

Warhammer 40k
Hi all
I should have a lot of updates coming next week most of witch will be my Orks but i might get around to doing some more work on my Mantis warriors.